How is the yoyojam theory?

How is the yoyojam theory? It seems really nice i might want to get it

Good, theoretically.

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The theory is a good yoyo for all around play. It has a very well rounded feel to it.

ahhhhh i see what you did there haha

is it good for any specific play?

What I mean is it can do everything pretty well, but nothing perfectly. For example, the yoyojam phenom is great for going fast, whereas the theory can go sort of fast, but also works for slow play. It can play stable, but is flexible enough. I only played one for a little bit. It is very good for horizontal finger spins.

hmm do you know how well it would be vs the inspire , sorry for all the questions

Too heavy for my tastes. Also has a funny finish.

Hey don’t worry about it! I personally enjoyed the inspire a bit more in the 5 minutes that I played with each. The theory seems to have been a test for those lateral caps, and because of this does not bring much interesting to the 1a game. It works, but is not spectacular. The inspire is very 1a oriented, and has a shape not unlike the avalanche. It is also very versatile, but plays very stable. If you are a beginner, I would say a metal would be a better choice for the stability inherently afforded by a metal. If you are more advanced, the inspire is a very good competition model. Just look at John Narum! Hope this helped, if you need anymore help, feel free to ask!

thanks a lot the inspire sounds great i think i might get it!

Good choice! The plastic part has an insane finish. You have to try it to understand it!

yea i heard its super good for grinds

Hey it’s Raphy! I just bought one yesterday and will let you know how it is when it comes either Wednesday or Thursday!

thanks bro

Yup. No prob