How is the yoyojam Quest

How is the yoyojam Quest im thinking about saving to get a nice competition throw and i like the look of it and how its derlin with weight rings but i dont know much about it can you tell me the pros and cons please thanks in advanced

Wasn’t too impressed with it. Not saying its bad, just not my thing.

like what are your preferences towards it ?

Its very solid on the string which is why I see it’s a 5A specific throw. Its pretty smooth and all and spins good but it just felt to solid to me. Those brass rings make it play way too solid for my liking.

It was a good yoyo but I wouldn’t pay more than $70 for one

I agree that it’s extremely solid

ohhh ok thanks for letting me know that

ok thanks!

Yeah for it’s price you could get much better competition throws. That is just my opinion and others may disagree.

I quite liked it, both with and without the caps.