How I will be leaving feedback from now on - Twelve point system


Hello everyone.

I don’t know about you, but when I see someone with lots of positive feedback, I expect them to be an excellent trader. Sadly however, It seems that many people have collected lots of positive feedback, even though they are quite mediocre traders. They don’t communicate well, they ship late, and the yoyo, which they said was mint, really wasn’t.

As such, I am proposing a new system. I will start using it, and I encourage all of you to do the same. It works on a 12 point scale, measuring three elements of the trade. communication, shipping, and condition of the yoyo/goods. Each of these three categories is rated on a scale of 0-4, for a total of 12 points.

The grading criteria are as follows:

4- Communication was three of these: Friendly, swift, and effective.

3- Communication was two of these: Friendly, swift, and effective.

2- Communication was one of these: Friendly, swift, and effective.

1- Communication was none of these: Friendly, swift, and effective.

0- Communication was entirely dishonest; trader was intentionally dishonest or deceitful.

Friendly: Trader was kind and pleasant. The trader was patient, understanding, and generally a joy to communicate with. Trader is not rude or disrespectful.
Swift: Trader makes responding quickly a priority. Questions are addressed as they come along as quickly as the trader can respond.
Effective: Trader communicates important information in a manner than is easy to understand. The trader uses makes an effort to use proper grammar and spelling to the best of their ability. Trader makes it a priority to update the other trader on shipping information.

4- Shipping is sent on the agreed upon day with the trader being giving the tracking information on the same day.

3- Shipping is sent one or two days after the agreed upon day, without or without an acceptable excuse. The trader may not have given tracking information at all. Trader may have given an ambiguous shipping day, but shipped within this time.

2- Shipping is sent three or four days after the agreed upon day, without an acceptable excuse. The trader may not have been given tracking information at all.

1- Shipping was sent more than five days after the agreed upon day, without an acceptable excuse. Trader may not have been given tracking information at all.

0- Shipping was shipping more than ten after the agreed upon day, with or without an acceptable excuse. Trader did not attempt to compensate for the delay.

-Acceptable excuses are excuses that are valid reasons for a delay in shipping - Working, school, and holidays are all acceptable excuses. Simply saying “I was busy” is not an acceptable excuse. Trader must elaborate and propose a new day that they will ship out.
-If a package is shipped more than two days after the agreed upon date with an acceptable excuse, it can score up to three points.
-Compensation is some extra good, service, discount, or refund due to delayed shipping given or performed for free.
-Sundays do not count as a shipping day.
-Ambiguous shipping time is any time frame longer than three days. For instance, if someone says that they will ship before Friday on a Monday, Friday is the cut off point for the agreed upon day. Shipping on the first day of the time frame can earn four points.

Condition of goods-
4- The goods arrived in the condition described or better than the condition described.

3- The goods arrived in approximately the condition described. There may be some extra damage that was not described

2- The condition on the goods were considerably worse than the condition described. Much of the extra damage was not described.

1- The goods arrived in a condition that were very different than the condition described. Most of the damage was not described.

0- The goods arrived in a condition where it appears that the trader was intentionally dishonest or deceitful.

-Some of the most common ways to described conditions are described here:

Mint In box (MIB) - Packaging is unopened, yoyo has not been damage in any way.
Mint - Yoyo does not having packaging, or comes outside of the opened packaging. Yoyo does not have any marks on it. Response system may or may not be worn down. There is no unexpected vibration present.
Near mint - Yoyo may have no more than five pinpricks, group of pinpricks, or scratches. There are no flat axle threads or stripped yoyo threads. Very little no no unexpected vibration present.
Good condition - Yoyo has more than five pinpricks, group of pinpricks, or scratches. There may be stripped or flat threads, but the owner specified. Some extra vibration may be present.

-If there are any flat or stripped axle or yoyo threads, the trader MUST specify. If the trader claims there are no stripped or flat threads while there are stripped threads, they are being dishonest.

How to score feedback:
12-9 = Positive feedback.
5-8 = neutral feedback.
0-4 = negative feedback.

Note that receiving zero in any of the three categories will result in negative feedback, regardless of score.

Bonus points can be given in any of the three categories if the trader stood out in any of them. The maximum number of points that can be given in each category is +1.

Personally, when I leave feedback, I will be giving a person their total score, a breakdown of their score in each of the three categories, specific comments on each of the categories, general comments on the trading experience, and a link to this thread to explain the twelve point system.

This system may seem a little harsh. But really, when you’re conducting a business transaction, you should make communication, shipping time, and honesty a massive priority. I want positive feedback to mean that I has a great trading experience - Not that I got the yoyo two weeks late, but I don’t want to offend someone by leaving neutral feedback.

If you have anything you would like to add to this scale, or you find any criteria or definition unfair, please let me know.



Great idea! Sounds like my schools grading criteria lol…


This is good. Sticky anyone?


I like the idea. Should definitely be stickied.



It’s a good idea but to moderate these scores is more work than it may be worth. I like the bettering of the BST and I feel it is on the more responsible parties behalf to do this work. Contact those they have traded with on your own. Most people including myself will give as much detail as I remember from any given deal. I think the best way is for everyone to make their own system and post in the details as much as they feel needed. Most people just say “good” I won’t count that as feedback until I contact the one who made it. Do your research and the good traders will always stand out. Trade well.


this needs to be stickied.


Sticky please. Great idea in my mind.


Trader feedback is a very important thing. While this is a good thought it has one inherent flaw.

Lets say that you and I make a deal for a trade. I keep great communication with you. I ship the very day I say I will. You receive the package that’s supposed to have a MIP Chief and you open it to find a fairly banged up Chief. Your scoring system still gives me a “positive”.

I think it’s best to use your “gut” when leaving feedback. Think about all the things you’ve listed as your criteria and make a decision as to how satisfied you are. Leave appropriate feedback.


One typo found - positive feedback should be 12-9, taking up four numbers, rather than 12-8, taking up five.

This means that regardless of how you did in the other categories, getting a zero in one category would bump you down to neutral feedback.

Or, the Twelve point system could be modified so that a zero in any category would result in negative feedback. All of the categories are pretty important in my view, and getting a zero in any of them would make me certainly not want to trade with that person again.

In fact, I do think that I’m going to modify the system to work like that. Thanks for the feedback, vegabomb.