How i spent my fourth of july.

(M²) #1

Well, i celebrated on july 3rd, but details details…

Anyways, were moving, so we were doing packing all day. But among this hard work and despite gueling fatiague, a hasty deadline, and the fact that we didn’t have a lighter, we manages to light of a pack of tnt festivities (of course first we had to run to the gass station to get a lighter). We start out with a tnt “exclusive” called, mummey smoke. It was basically a box that spewed smoke. Then, the “smoke cabnit” another box that spewed smoke. Then we continued our adventure with “smokey smoke”, you guessed it another box that spewed smoke. But then, we did the smoke factory, we had 2 holes for spewein smoke… By now are back yard (and the neighbors) is so contaminated, we have to go to the front. And so we set off… more smoke. By now we realize that tnt must spend half thier revinue on the packaging because that’s the only differance between these thing. And by now, the neighbors are launching these giant illegal fireworks… Were out their with our little pop guns that shoot confetti, and we got these giant fireworks going off in our faces… humiliatig. I quote my older brother “these smoke boxes are so safe and sain you could light them up your nose…” well after he said that the next box of smoke went up in a blazing inferno that we barely manages to stamp out… And still the fireworks from the other yard mock us… By now we basically are trying to get rid of all this smoke crap (which seems to be endless), we just kinda lit whatever and threw it onto the lawn. There was smoke chimany, smoke gernades, white smoke bombs that spewed colored smoke… and an array of smokey contamination crap, that according to the fire marshel of CA, can increase your risk of cancer… After we burned all the explisiarees, we discovered 5 boxes of popits which we did not have endourance to throw down with childish endourance so we could here “plick” “plick”… The neighbores still launching off those illigal fireworks, taunting a puny little legall stuff… As safe audo puts it “we stayed legal for less…”. Well that about concluded the festivities, though we stayed up till 12:30 takeing apart beds… Well, you know what they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire… or crappy 4th of july products. How did you celebrate the fourth?


Where I live fireworks are illegal. Except for those things that you throw on the ground that crack. We don’t have those anymore.


Hey, I’m gonna pack later on today too! I’m going to Phoenix, Arizona for a week, starting tomorrow. :slight_smile:

(Kei) #4

I love phoenix! But its so freakin’ hot. Even at night.

So like 4 of my neighbors are firing illegal fireworks too. Its kinda awesome, but illegal. They make so much noise, it scares my dog so much.


it scares mine too!


I went down to Pittsburgh, PA to see the awesome fireworks. Some international company does, I forget the company’s name. :stuck_out_tongue: Then, we had traffic getting out of the city, and we were trying to find food at midnight…and failed trying to. :stuck_out_tongue: We were walking through the McDonalds drive thru (yes walking XD), but we found out it was closed…like everything else. So we just went home…the fireworks made up for the lack of food. ;D