How does B/S/T work?


1st. I didn’t want to spam the BST so I posted in here.

So, When you negociate a trade that both of the people like, what happens then? Where do you send it? I don’t know a lot about BST, On other sites i’ve only scimmed and scammed and I am wondering how it’ll work here.

;D -Evan


I think most of it is through pay pal


Then you send the items to their house, or wherever they ask you to. However, if you have trade count and another person has, like 0, then the person who has zero has to ship first, and when you get it you ship to them.

Also, just look here:,1529.0.html


Then couldn’t someone just keep it and not send what the promised back?


ya but than you would be like a horrible person. That’s the only thing bad about this


… I think they wouldn’t care if people think they are bad person with a Catch22…


As I’ve said in other threads lately, people you trust and your own common sense are the guide you should follow.

No, you can’t stop someone from ripping you off if they honestly want to. What you can do is trade with people you trust, check for good and legit feedback, always use a safe payment method, and make sure you use a shipping option that provides both tracking and delivery confirmation.