How do you put photos for your profile??


I noticed that for some people’s post, it has a picture under their username. how do i get this??? also, some people have big displays under their actual post. how do i get this???

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The pic is called an avatar. The easiest way I find to get it is to find an image on google, copy theweb address, and paste it in the line in the account related settings page. If you have a pic already save on your computer, you can right click it, and hit open with interenet explorer (or whatever internet you use), and then copy the web address. The banner (the big display), the easiest way to post one is with though i can’t make a whole post about how to make one, but mista888 could make a pretty good banner for you.


From looks of your post, you’re an internet explorer user that’s endangering the browser market share. Switch to Mozilla Firefox before it’s too late :smiley:

To add on to what M2 said… look above at the red navigation bar. There’s a link called “PROFILE”. This is where you modify your account settings. For avatars and signatures, it should be under the “Forum Profile Information” link on the left hand sidebar.

If you need a signature, I could make you one :slight_smile:


Or you could just go straight to the best, and get Google Chrome.


Grr… Firefox is better >_<

Google Chrome is backed by the evil Google that’s trying to take over the world. The non-profit firefox is the choice ;D


Well if anyone takes over the world, I hope its google. ;D

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I kinda think nintendo and google will merge and then form the might nintooglian empire.

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Chrome sucks and so does Firefox. People who actually know about web browsing use Opera.


Go Chrome!!!


why is everyone fighting over browsers. where supposed to be helping the guy