How do you get the yo-yo pictures?


Hey everybody, I am going to make my own banner, and I was wandering, where do you get the yo-yo pictures.


They either use ones from shops, somewhere else on the internet, or they take their own.


Do you need any type of permission to use the pictures in the shop?


I don’t think so, but maybe if you use something from this site you could put a YYE in there or something.

(JM) #5

It all depends on what you are using them for, and who owns the right to the pictures. If it profits you in ANY WAY what-so-ever, then you cannot use the image without permission. Period. For a signature banner, it usually doesn’t matter.


I always use my own then I know they will be just what im after :slight_smile:

(JM) #7

And that’s why I wish I had a better camera. Sometimes the net just doesn’t have what you’re looking for.


I have one more question, which code do I need?


Once you have the picture uploaded, get the direct link.


Thank you for the help everybody, I finished and uploaded the banner.