How do you diabolo?

(Johnny rocks!!!) #1

can someone please post an instructional on how to make a diabolo spin?!!?


I had the same problem. It just takes practice.  :wink:
BTW This might need to go in the unrelated section.

(Jei Cheetah) #3

If you are new to Diabolo, see if you can get the “Ultimate Diabolo DVD”.
Its a great dvd that teaches basics, up to more advanced moves.



yah you should get what j said

best site ever
the reason i yoyo is because i joined that site
i learned extremely fast
then saw a thread on yoyo inspired tricks
in order to improve my diabolo tricks
i learned yoyoing


actually, i found that was a waste of my time and that there were very few actual instructable video’s

(Jei Cheetah) #7 is very good actually.
The guys there have helped me a ton in my tricks and I have learned allot there.
Good site.