How do i cut this foam

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So i went out to jo-anns and spontaniously baught a big pad-o-foam. And i’m try to cut it into smaller peices. Not cut holes for yoyo’s mind you, i just want to like cut it in half. It’s 3" thick.

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So you want to cut it’s depth/thickness in half?

I don’t really have anything to say, I just posted to say how you could just buy a thinner piece of foam.


If you bought it too thick, that can be kinda tricky. I bought mine at walmart. It’s only 1 inch thick, but i double layer it and works fine.

uhmm…i have no idea if you want to cut it neatly. If you dont care about neatness, scissors work fine.

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no, it’s not too thick, i want to cut it in half the other way.


You are gonna love the answer to this question.

Cutting that foam is EXTREMELY easy once you hear how. I found out by chance and it works beautifully.

Yes an electric knife. Cuts like butta! Just don’t push too hard when cutting. the weight of the knife will do most of the work for you. Also make sure you pay attention to the end of the knife. When I cut mine I drew a line on both sides of the foam so I could make the cut perfectly straight. I lined up both ends of the knife with those lines and cut.

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:sarcasm: oh lovely, and i just happend to have one of those lying around :sarcasm:
how much would one of those things cost?

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Im sure you could find a cheapo at target…

17 bucks


and its 2 speed… oh man…


haha, omg 2 speed???!?!?!!!


lay it on cardboard and take knife and slice it

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i tried using a box cutter, didn’t work.


What about cutting circles in foam?

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i was just gonna use a can, but i got a pair of sewing scissors to work, not as nice as i’d of liked, but they worked, thanks for the advice guys.