how can i became a forum eXpert??


can somebody tell me?? ??? ??? ???


The first step to knowing how to become a forum expert, is by knowing what a forum expert is.

(LookAYoYo) #3

well first you have to pay your government $12.43. then you email everyone you know saying what a forum expert is. after that, you must fast for 30 days and 28 nights. make it work. then, you answer as many questions as you can and try to be helpful.

all you really need to do is the last one. and if you are helpful and stand out compared to most people, then Andre MAY choose to pick you as an eXpert. but this may come from being helpful to the community, knoledgeable (sp) about the subject, and the ability to stand out in your answers.


You have to do a favor for André. What I did: Traveled to his house on foot from across the country and personaly give him all my yoyos. Then I gave hm all the money in my wallet and walked back home. Then I was made eXpert, and he gave me all the stuff back. try it.

(Zer0) #5

answer questions dont be mean help and use comma’s to seperate words in a list. It doesnt matter if your eXpert or not. Just answer questions and yoyo whenever you feel. if andre’s make you eXpert cool.


if you cant figure out how to become an expert you dont deserve to be one IMO



The reason I was made forum eXpert was because I was the one who helped MAKE YoYoExpert. Seriously, search up the YoYoBot Story.


Be helpful, go the “extra mile” to be helpful, and just be good. If you are picked to be an eXpert, so be it. If no, it’s ok. Honestly it’s just a title. Not really any special benefits.

Samad is just crazy. NEVER listen to him! Kidding, Samad is awesome and knows what he is talking about usually.


Key word.

Fixed… Wait

Fixed… wait




(LookAYoYo) #12

what really is the difference between a forum expert and how you are now. it isn’t like when you become an expert, God shines down on you and you atomaticaly become amazing at yoyoing. right?

besides, at school, i am considered an expert. not and eXpert, but an expert

(J. Lev) #13

Nice one. However, you might just have been satirical, and if that’s the case, I applaud you.

Second, addressing the original poster, becoming a forum expert requires many things, which include, but are not limited to, a blood sacrifice. (Kidding.)

You just have to be helpful, relatively intelligent, and know things about yoyos. And not be a jerk.

And yes, I did know that I could do that ridiculously annoying text moving effect, I just find it ridiculously annoying and hard to read.


If we all knew this then we all would be eXperts!

It takes special people and they are like magicians they should never reveal their secret we just gotta figure it out!

(JG) #15

be like samad

(Mitch) #16

Wait… Sooo, I’ve been saving those 12 pints of blood in my fridge for nothing… Gosh… Any one need some spare A+ blood?

But really, Just get well known… Not well known as “That guy we dont like” or “That guy who always starts a flame war” but as “That guy who fell down the stairs once.” Wait… wrong one… “That guy who helped out alot and always helps alot…” That falling down the stairs one is somthing we can all forget about… A very painfull memory from my childhood…

(LookAYoYo) #17

that explains it. jkjk :smiley: ;D

so many jokes on this subject.


I’m going to be a geek for a couple seconds.

Marquees are overated, outdated, and deprecated code. Continue to use it and I will blow your head off. :stuck_out_tongue:

No seriously, marquees are BAD, deprecated coding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Marquee text is distracting.[1] The human eye is attracted to movement,[2] and marquee text is constantly moving. - Wikipedia,


I wish more people would post using proper spelling and grammar. Thank you!


Notice how Samad’s at the top??? Post a lot, but make it useful. Like Samad.