Honor Andr'e!


I cannot help feeling incredibly respectful of Andr’e Boulay.

I know this has been posted before and will be posted again but he made all this and is my Idol.
Whenever I’m skinning gerbils at school and people say, “How did you learn that?” I say, “YoyoExpert.com Created by Andr’e Boulay my hero.” So lets all raise our yoyos to Andr’e, my inspiration and an inspiration to many more.


I would, but the yoyo is on the shelf up there… and I’m reaaaally comfortable right now. I’ll do it… later.

(Matty#14) #3

Haha. Just… soo… far… zzzzzz…

(Chase Baxter) #4

Yes, Andre has done a great job here with everything! The forums, the tutorials (which got almost all of us started!), the store, customer service and many other things! He deserves much more respect and when people insist that he needs more is doing something wrong, it’s not very nice since Andre has put more work into this website and MasterMagic.net (not sure if that’s how it’s spelt?) than all the others and makes great tutorials which most others don’t or they’re not as good (but they all are good!).

It’s very nice to have this thread! But not sure it’s really necessary…I’m not trying to play Moderator here! ;D :stuck_out_tongue:


I totally agree, whenever someone asks where i get my yoyos i tell them YOYOEXPERT. Especially since they get here in 2 days!! Andre is the man! keep up the good work!


his tuts are crap tbh =/ but yes this site is amazing!


WHAT?! They are awesome!

(laxdude99) #8

I love his tuts but I wish he would make some new ones

(SR) #9

This is the site that I first learned tricks from. Pretty much without this site, I wouldn’t be yoyoing at all, and wouldn’t know all these cool yoyo people. They also have a great forum here (The best forum in the world)!

BTW, why did you spell it Andr’e? It’s just Andre. lol


Andre is one of my heroes. :slight_smile: You rock Andre and everyone at YoyoExpert.


Well when i was reading a yoyo card (spelling is not my strong thingys so i was checking) his name had a little ’ like thing over the e so i thought it was spelled that way. Sorry :-[

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                 ( )|  |_|  |( )           Raise Your Yoyos!
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Yeah Man! To the Guy who invented the Thumb Grind!

(DOGS) #13

Or André :wink:

And I totally agree. If it wasn’t for André, I wouldn’t be yoyoing now. I’ve taken the time to tell him on multiple occasions too :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh Andre has helped me a ton with tricks!!! I’ll give him a big thanks!!!


YEAH!!! raises yoyo


Well i kinda agree with whomever said his tuts are crap. I wouldnt say crap but they could be a lot better. I found it hard to learn of most of them.




Ha mines mint in package.
And I pretty much got it for free.


NNOOOOOOOOOO!!! FIRETRUCK!! (yes i like smosh)


but is it… SIGNED