Honey Bunches of Oats!


Yep. Cereal. I figured since this has been brought up in a couple topics before, it deserves its own thread. ::slight_smile:

Let’s discuss.

I like Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds best. (That reminds me, I need to get my mom to go buy some more.) Clusters is probably my favorite part of this cereal, but Just Bunches has shown me that they are not good at all by themselves. Unfortunately.


Yeah…and I cant stand the ones without almonds, and I need my strawberries in them.
And strawberries in Just Bunches is REALLY BAD.

So I’m sticking with the original Honey Bunches with Almonds. With strawberries.


Not to put you down or anything, but cereal fortified with folic acid causes cancer. So don’t eat too much. Just a serving. And no supplements with the cereal.


Yes - Honey Bunches of Oats has been my favorite cereal for about 6 years. Also, Batryn, if thats true, put me in a coffin, cause I’m dying young!

I agree that Almonds is the best. I get the large boxes with two packs in each. I eat it at least twice a day. I have about half a dozen boxes in my garage. No joke


It was in reader’s digest.


Meh… I like Just Bunches better. JustBunches with some warm milk is the second best breakfast item. The best is:


                                          [b]LITTLE-DINA OATMEAL!! [/b]  

I’ll post a review later :wink:

(JonasK) #7

What happened to Corn Flakes? I eat Kellog’s Corn Flakes (The original and best) with extreme amounts of sugar and raspberry marmelade. If you want this combo with the maximum taste i recommend maiking it with 1/3 Corn Flakes, 1/3 sugar and 1/3 marmelade.

And to point out the thing with cancer batryn made. Yes it may cause cancer, but nowadays, people are looking more after what causes cancer instead of an actual cure for it. Blue candy causes cancer, smoking causes cancer) cereal causes cancer, firing wood in fireplaces causes cancer and I think the newest is that holding a fart can cause cancer (yes seriously). And just to point out, it doesen’t cause cancer by itself, it just makes a bigger risk for getting cancer. And if you want to lower that risk i think antioxydants lowers the risk. So you can eat an do whatever you want, as long as you eat enought tomatoes and blueberries.



:o :o wiplash CEREAL CAUSES CANCER (I think I might faint)

I love Waffle Crisp best cereal ever. Quisp is quiet good too. I like the olddies :smiley:

(JonasK) #9

Just to mention it all in small words: About everything causes cancer.

(Connor) #10

Yep, Im dying young too!!!


Just a serving, or 2. ;D It’s basically people who eat the cereal fortified with folic acid, and still take pills.

(Connor) #12

I couldnt find bunches at my store ???

(Raphael) #13

back to the hbO i think that “just bunches” just killed the whole thing but i love almond honey bunches of oats, i couldn’t live without them


What happen to cocoa crispies? I love them.

(Connor) #15

Fruity Pebbles are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better.

Those are my 2 favorites.

Honey Bunches Of Oats and Fruity Pebbles ;D

(JonasK) #16

You guys probably haven’t tasted my super-ultra-mega-nice sugar/marmelade/Corn Flakes/milk combo. Try it (this won’t give you cancer)

(Connor) #17

No, I have not. But I will. :wink:

(JonasK) #18

I think I posted the recipe up here somewhere. But I feel like repeating it (also found out that it was a bit unreal):

You need: A bowl, sugar, marmelade (I prefer raspberry), Corn Flakes and milk

  • Place the bowl on something flat
  • Pour wanted amount of Corn Flakes in the bowl
  • It is now time to pour on some sugar, About 3 times less than Corn Flakes (preference mostly,but use a lot
  • You can now add the marmelade, as long as you use more marmelade than sugar, you will be good
  • Pour on wanted amount of milk
  • Enjoy!

Do not give this to kids younger than ten, you may risk that he/she will get a sugar shock that might hurt the kid itself or anyone else.