Hobby Related Incidents?


Well, the other day, I was pacing around my house yoyoing, and I paused in front of the stairs to do a really quick trick. When I went around the world, the string just gave way and hit a chandelier in the next room, shattering some glass.

Who else has had some Hobby-related incident?

Perhaps I just have bad luck. :slight_smile:

(LookAYoYo) #2

i wont go into detail, but when you are on a few fibers of your last string, never yoyo in an airport.


Radio control car into traffic.
radio control heli into a tree and then crashed. (it did cut a limb or two first)
yoyo- light bulbs.
smacked the monitor at work.
Smacked the security camera at work too.


I was playing with my MarkMont (thanks Samad) and tried to do a neck trick I was working on smoothening out. It came around my nect really fast and nailed me in the head. It was slightly painful…

(JM) #5

Worst for me has to be driving my Losi 8ight (yeah, that’s how it’s spelled -it’s an RC car-) on a motocross track, hit a bump at the worst possible angle in the whoops and it jumped off-track into a passing golf-cart. The RC car lost.

(LookAYoYo) #6

Losi’s are nice. that sucks. i don’t do RC cars much but my friend loves to. he was at my house and we decided that we could do a jump off the roof of the first story of my house. he was getting a new car the next day and he said that it might survive. i am still finding little parts on my driveway though.

and this may be the most pathedic incident. Videogamers who play COD MW2 running class know what i am talking about. i completely lost the feeling in thumb.

(Troy(oyo) #7

After coming out of hibernation this winter, i took my diabolo out to practice some high tossing and what have you. I threw it as high as i can… bout 35 ft. And i missed inside and it hit me in the chest. ive also been hit in the face and arms…


Lets just say a fast spinning metal object attached to a string plus your crotch= some pain… very severely. :stuck_out_tongue: Several Times. I think my yoyos hate me.


once I roller skated to a park and then when I came home one wheel was gone…


Just smacked my eye with my Agape. Good thing I closed my eye or I would have been at the hospital.
Nice little knot under my eyebrow.

(M²) #11

I had one during an mtg game. How can card wound you say. Well it turns out trying to throw them like they do in the cartoons only resaults in sever eye pain.


playing with my DM in the living room. When to go into a double or nothing, but missed the first finger. It swung up and broke the light. My DM now has many, many glass scrapes all over the rims. I vowed to never yoyo in the house again.
Winter came.
I got bored.
Household-yoyoing began again.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #13

yeah, i did was trying to do a double or nothing, and my six year old sister got a little to close :-[


going for an around the world record outside at night, string snapped on the up swing, dark blue yoyo. never saw it again (on the plus side, I got my Fireball after that!)

playing counterweight with the fireball upstairs, let go of the weight, it hit the ceiling and fell all the way downstairs and broke (and that’s how I got the dark magic)

now I just need an interesting way to break the DM to get the Genesis, lol


I was doing papercraft and Ivut myself pretty bad with an exacto knife


I know this one has happened to near everyone here.

Yoyo. Hard throw. Snags. Funny bone.


(drumma/yoyo) #17

mainly diaboloing, but it’s more shock then pain.


I actually got a bruise on my funnybone last week from that, and I threw it down as hard as I could :’( It hurt so bad!


Almost hit my head when popping the yoyo that day. Imagine popping up a DM after trapeze? And it landing on your head? DX


Tried Off string with a Duncan Ballistic. Sent it flying across a football field. lol
I flip my RC car all the time.
I hit myself hard enough with a yoyo in the elbow that I couldn’t move my elbow for the rest of the day. Bent the hell out of my glasses playing school basketball. (play better without my glasses…lol)