Hist'ry Lesson - Warning - Not Suitable For All Ages.

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Warning - not suitable for all ages.

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Lol @ the declaration of independence


lol :smiley:


Lawl! I like how the church prefered Adam over Eve and liked on original sin


cool cept for God part u know


loved the iceberg and titanic part ;D

And how John Wilkes Booth liked Abraham Lincoln going to the theater ;D


That God part was awesome ;D


Haha. That’s awesome.


lol, Facebook style.


Anyone else looked at part 2 yet?(there’s a link at the bottom…)


The warning is certainly appropriate. Just my 2 cents but I don’t think it’s appropriate for any age. It’s cheap, rude, crude, and blasphemous.


Why, exactly? Just curious. Maybe the Colombia Space Shuttle was in rather poor taste, but I don’t think there is anything really bothersome in there, everything else was hilarious, especially part two.


It repeatedly resorts to unnecessary profanity, it exploits tragedy and death for a cheap laugh, it mocks God and Christianity, etc.


then don’t read it?


It’s a bit late now isn’t it.


the helen keller one on the second page is by far the funniest! lmao