Hi I'm weird!


Hello people I’m new and from a weird country
when you see “jajaja” it means laughter

how about you? what’s your weird thing?


The fact that I’m a ninja 8)


Wow thats cool
my other personality is a the reencarnation of the gream reaper, but i keep it at bay by reading the obituary section in the newspapers

(VincentD) #4

I have powers over 9000.


I remember the day i was born
…it gives me nightmares

(Mark) #6

Hello. I over-analyze things too much and think too much about the processes of human interaction. Therefore clouding my own and cutting away from others. :o

Also, is the country Puerto Rico? Or a country that speaks Spanish?


I’m wierd because i laugh and say “lol” in almost every post.


No one ascends to the role of Grim Reaper without being able to spell ‘grim’ correctly.

(JonasK) #9

I’m weird because I’m Norwegian.

Addment: I have also memorised all of “rappers delight”


I’m from argentina, the biggest spanish speaking country in the world. But it’s somehow different from the others. And I’m pure german, even though i was born outside Germany

silly little child, the lenguage of the gods is greater than a human could ever imagen

P.D. you just shorten your lifespan 2 years 4 that insult, jaja

true that!


I doubt that he is going to take you serious as you cant use the term PS correctly, or spell “language” as you are supposed to speak one equivalent to that of the gods.


Why must i repet myself, it is hard for you mortals to understand the troubles we gods must face to comunicate with the unworthy creatures of the “3 and 4 quaters” dimension? It’s not like I am Axon, robot god of war, who speaks in no other way that noises and scriches


Then why are you in a yoyo forum? :wink:

Also, chances are Kim-Lan and I could defeat you. We have ninja powers unfathomable of your simple impudent “God-Like” mind can handle :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mark) #14

You cannot defeat the Heros of YYE!!! I stop time by spinning my yoyo! Samad is just Awesome. Kim-Lan will just blind you with her awesomness and penguins!!!

By the way, nice Avatar.


JAJAJA, your mind cannot handle the hidden wonders of a well used yoyo. We gods train in every posible way to defeat aou enemies. We use weapons from cookies to bookmarks.
Watch this and listen carefully for the wise words.


sorry, im trying to keep him come but its hard… he’s… coming back…
(thanks 4 the avatar)



Your tone insisted upon it.

We forum eXperts are experts at battling anyway. Why else do you think André chose us to be eXperts but to defend YYE itself? Kim-Lan is the YYE Video Battle Tournament champion, I am chat night victor, and DocRobot is the master of all.

Lets do this…


your not ninja just cause u can yo where da flips and knive tosses


I’m doing them as I type…


An ally I see?



The fact that you’re not a ninja shows that you do not know what a ninja is or does.