Hi, Im The Forechecker...and good with IT...not so much yoyos...yet.


Just wanna say hi.

I haven’t picked up a yoyo since about 1994 when I went to Uni…then my wife gives me a cheap promo one with a fixed axle 4 days ago…that I messed around with for a day or so. I still had it…(lol)…can do all the sick tricks I used to know…the very impressive ones like, walk the dog, rock the baby and around the world.

So I decided to check out youtube to find more tricks. Turns out yoyos have evolved since 1994…substantially!!! I am blown away!

I HAD to check out the new hardware.

I bought the following…they are all on order. Before I found this site I got a Duncan freehand zero, then decided I needed an imperial so grabbed a Duncan Dragonfly. I also snagged a good deal with 14 yoyos and a case on ebay…(2 duncans (imperials) and 3 yomegas (brain, fireball and saberwing). So I should be good to start out.

After watching all the tuts here (/hands Andre a cold beer //thanks man), I HAD to get a Dark Magic…those suckers are hard to find, but I finally found a site that wasnt “out of stock”…wanted Orange but Dark Blue looked cool, and colour is secondary to me.

Needless to say I am pretty pumped, and my wife is pretty sick of hearing the word yoyo…thats just my quick story of going all-in in 4 days. haha.

BTW, if anyone has computer or IT questions…just let me know…I am more than willing to help. I think I am going to start selling yoyos at my store as well, I live in a town of 8k and couldnt find one trans axle or a ballbearing yoyo in 2 towns (/sad).

Again, thanks to Andre for the videos here…well done and easy as hell to follow. Thanks for the hard work, greatly appreciated by this beginner.


welcome to the yoyo community and to the forums ;D
You sure will have a fun time here

Yeah, a dark magic is a safe choice because after learning all basics and intermediate tricks you could begin doing some advance ones with it

Hope you enjoy your stay here,

and dont forget to have fun while playing :slight_smile:

(Mark) #3

Welcome to YoYoeXpert! Im glad you want a Dark Magic it can last you for as long as you yoyo. A word of warning: after the bearing breaks in, the yoyo will become unresponsive. Do not think that its broken :stuck_out_tongue: (Im sure you wont)



Dark Magics Rock! I can get an 2:45 sleeper with it.