I notice that Sekar Used Yoyofactory 401k, Then Whip used a Yellow FHZ (Based on the Video comments)

Ok here it goes…

I’ll no longer think of my dream to have a hitman, but even though I want to, or I have the money to buy one, why not?  ;)  But this is the thing

It doesn’t matter if your Yo-yo is Expensive or cheap, As long as you can do tricks :D…

But I don’t say if you are a beginner or pro, Stop buying Expensive yo-yo’s, Just think before you buy. Put it in mind “Decisions” :smiley:

The purpose of this thread to let people here know how to spent in buying Yo-yo’s or and It doesn’t matter if it is cheap, Take a look at whip, Just using an FHZ, But they both compatible.

The Player & the Yo-yo. :slight_smile:



True that. Expensive yoyos don’t make you better. I totally agree.


They dont make you better unless you go from a half speed beetle half mosquito to a Dark Magic.


Wrong. You won’t get better just because you have a “better” yoyo.

If you have a good throw, you could do on a plastic what you can do on a metal or metal rimmed yoyo.


Yeah, you actually will.

I know you don’t have to have the best to be the best, but you guys are being so ignorant as to say an Imperial is good enough for every trick on here.


Thanks Samad :wink: But very true.


totally agree with samad
does anyone know the name of the trick at 3:45 where he does that whip to wrist mount thing

(SR) #8

I liked the video. It was awesome.


This has been said before a lot, and I don’t feel there was that much need to make a thread.

Great thread anyways, it is a good point. Here’s a video, I think it proves this point a bit better, since its the porpose of the video.