Hey Guys, I'm Back


Hey YoYoExpert Members,

I just want to say sorry for not being active on the forums these past few months. I guess I kinda just got caught up in the busy summer. I also have been busy with scouts and have recently become an eagle scout. Well, I’ll be back now, and I plan to finish all my incomplete guides! I don’t know really anyone here since lots has changed over the last few months, so I hope I can get to know all of y’all soon!


(JonasK) #2

You’ve been gone for way too long. I barely remember you being here when I first got here. You still have a sticky in the review section though.


Really? That’s still there? Glad to see my work has still slightly helped while I was gone!


Its okay. We got many many many many new members, so a lot of older members have been forgotten :stuck_out_tongue:


Samad! You’re still here! :smiley: Finally someone from my time! :wink:


Was I here in your time? :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back!

(SR) #7

I came 6 days after you left, lol. Welcome back. Your guides are amazing, BTW.


Hmm, not that I can remember! :wink: I’ve been gone for quite some time now! I haven’t touched a yoyo in forever! :confused: Time to go re-learn my tricks!


Thank you, I really try my best to bring the community a good guide. Also, have you seen my post about the new Fall 2009 Revision? I’m really planning big on this one!