Help with painting.

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K, well i posted a poll a few days ago asking for color suggestions for these,14877.0.html . Well no one voted soooo, i got everything!! But the lack of voters wasn’t the only reason. If you noticed in the link i just posted, there was a red/black tower pic. This is the first in the line of my new color schemed towers. I’ve got a few differant color combinations and patterns i want to try out, so, i’ll post pics as i make them. I’m not sure they’ll work out, but the first one was pretty snazzy so i’m optimistic. Anyways, because it’s so fun to name things, i’m going to name all the color schemes, off the top of my head, the first one will be named… demonfire. So, i’m expecting to come out with a new schem every 2-3 days. I’m not sure if they be limited or not, there a bit of a hassle to make, but it depands on how they catch on. So, down to matters, I was wondering if anyone has any good tips for spraypainting. Like how to get a good design or somehting. I’m using all purpose spray paint on top of primer. I would really appreciate it to acheive maximum resaults with these towers. Thank you very much in advance.
P.S. Commants, negative (constructive critisism preferd) or positive are appreciated.

1.demon fire,
4.(coming soon)
5.(coming soon)
6.(coming soon)
7(coming soon) got some pics!
Show in order. All these have already been orderd, but if your interesting in trying a new color combo, pm me. It costs $1 above the listing price ($0.50 for a name). Also note that none of these have the invisi string on yet. btw i’m looking for an van halen fan that might be interested in buying one of these… hehe

BLACK/RED ONE NOW FOR SALE!! yoyoandrew backed out on me so it’s up for grabs.


Hey that’s not fair… I voted. :stuck_out_tongue:

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you did? i didn’t see any votes in the tally… well it doesn’t matter, i went paint happy and got everthing!

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icthus? any advice? ed? anyone?


I can’t help with any strategies to paint them on the whole. Just try and spread it evenly and lightly. But as I brought up in another post about using a Stencil, all you need do to use a stencil is print what you want to stencil out. Use an Exacto knife to cut it out around the edges and, put it where you want hold it firmly in place and paint. It will work better though if you use something with 1 side that is slightly adhesive. Believe they sell paper like that for this reason. May have to goto a craft store though.

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I got 2 more new designs that should be done by the end of the day, i’ll post pics when i finish them.

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more color shcemes added, please tell me what you think.


I like the blue/green, how it doesn’t fade, but it just kind of transforms into the other color…
Maybe green/purple for hulk smash, for FALCON PUNCH!

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new desing added, tell me what you think.