Help w/ new camera!


A week back I got a Vivitar 840 XHD and I love it! But the problem is that it won’t import its footage onto editing softwares. On Movie Maker it will play the audio but not video and on vegas it will play the video but not audio. The guy at radio shack said that it would import to any software but apparently he was wrong. I am using a sandisk hd card and i think the file type is .avi. Does anyone know what is wrong?


I had a similar problem with my mom’s camera. Try copying and paste the file into your computer and import it from there. Usually importing from your computer converts the file easier.


What kind of memory does it use? Hard drive? Flash? Removable?


i think you have to convert the video file
ex. i use wmm but the video wouldnt play so i converted the file to an MPEG 1 and it pplayed well
all you need to do is go to this website and in the search box search for a file converter
i have used this site before and its legit they are free and also no virus threats