Help me convince my mom.

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Guys help me covince my mom to let me use my credit card on this website. Please i want to buy a BOSS!!!


You can call and order over the phone if she’s more comfertable with that.


How’d you get the Hectic and g5? lol

I have ordered 6 yo-yo’s from this site and every time they arrived to me in very safe and complete packaging. I have never had any trouble with my orders so I don’t know how the costumer service is but every thing I have read about them is A++ record. I would also like to mention that I’m a 19 year old and not a child. I know what I’m talking about. Every individual yo-yo is wrapped in bubble wrap and then placed in a padded envelope. They won’t be damaged. The shipping for me is 3 days, and you could almost set your watch to it (but that is more for USPS than YYE). This is a very trust worthy site and I recommend using it. But it’s your moms card and money, so she does get the final voice.

Just my $.02


Or you could just get a debit card and use that instead. :stuck_out_tongue:


What is your mother’s issue with using the credit card?

And is it actually your credit card or is it in your mother’s name?


you said

, if its yours then just do it


You can go to WalMart and buy a pre-paid credit card. Whenever I need to make a quick order and don’t feel like bothering my parents i do that.


lol, yah snuck it :stuck_out_tongue: