Help fund a camera upgrade!

Hey folks! I’m looking to make a major upgrade to my camera gear soon so some yoyos need to go.

I will be confirming the conditions of these in the morning so expect an update soon.

Row 1:

  • Thesis Aventus B-grade (7/10 nail vibe no damage) $60
  • Dressel Designs Fusion Ti (surface scratches that don’t affect play and some light vibe last I checked) $250
  • Motion Centrifugal (smooth) $85 (pending)

Row 2:

  • Spyy Pro (nail vibe, one tiny pinprick) $70
  • C3 PoryCrash $55 (pending)
  • YYFr Pheasant Sold

Row 3:

  • Enso Equanimity $35
  • OP Balloon Proto (polished Pink, same as production. 9/10 vibe also some surface marks, yoyo was passed around at nationals last year and earned some marks, this is reflected in the price) $55
  • AFK Yoyos Headshot (mint, 9.5/10 nail vibe, could be by design) $65

Prices are finally updated

As always I give some discount to bundles and video’s of the condition of each yoyo for those who inquire. Thanks!


That’s a centrifugal @MaximShoots

Yes it is haha, big brain fart late at night

Bump, Centrifugal, pory crash and pheasant are sold/on hold.

Adjust prices based on condition

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