Have you ever impressed a girl with a yoyo


Have any of you guys thought this thought “My yoyo skills are so fly that they have to transcend the boundaries of just doing tricks, they can pick up women too!” and then proceeded to act on it?

If so, was the outcome amazing or just kind of… meh?

(Owen) #2

The outcome was exactly “Meh”


Yes, and we ended up going out for a month. Yoyo’s get more girls than I thought they would haha.


Well… we’re married now…

Thought… that may have been in spite of the yo-yoing… :wink:

(Owen) #6

No way! Yoyoing was probably the main factor of her choosing YOU over any other guy.



Yeah I have my friends of course one wants to know how to Yoyo because of me so I said get on Yoyo expert and buy a dark magic 2 or some other yoyojam Yoyo that says includes spec bearing in some part of it that and the other one is just always plain old impressed


If my fiancee knew that I was going to get so crazy about toys, she would not have started up with me, of that I am sure.


Impressed? Sure. Actually scoring dates and phone numbers? I wish!



I’ve gotten three numbers once at a dance after I threw. Good night, and they were really nice.


The closest I get is
Girl: “hey, show me cool yoyo tricks!”
Me: “meh, ok :/”


I am the exact same, haha.
I am a bit young for that anyways…


I’ve impressed my fair share of ladies with this talent, but not to the point where I have gotten out of the friendzone lol.


I do to mean to brag but Impressed 3 girls at a fall festival. But I didn’t raise any money sadly.


Yeah I impressed like a single girl with yoyos. The rest I get with my mad seducing skills :stuck_out_tongue:


Most of the times it’s only boys who are really impressed, and when girls are they don’t care for it a whole lot.


Sort of.

But not really.


Oh yeah; I am a chick-magnet when I am throwing.
It really grabs them when, in the middle of a trick, I tell them that I am in Data-Processing too.

Its like shooting fish in a barrel. ;D


I am 36 and have had my share of GF’s and never had problems with woman… I can say that without a doubt women are NOT attracted to men who yoyo… Now If I was younger say maybe 14-16 that MIGHT be a different story but I am not. Most women I know when they see me yoyo think well… Not going to mention it here but I could care less what they think because I love to yoyo…

On the other hand IF you can find a woman who yoyo’s then you really have something special!!!


Yeah well I think you found one already me!! ;D that and your right but dint worry there’s always a babe that likes the quirky guys


What is this so-called “girl” you speak of? And why would one want to impress one?