have a nice day




Did you give him your shipping info ? Dudes feedback looks legit. Sometimes people are just slow shippers.


I’d give him till tomorrow afternoon or so to respond


Yeah, but even if he’s a slow shipper, he could respond.


Even though it’s been more than 24 hours??


If he’s gone for almost 2 days then its very suspicious


And on top of all that time, I’ve seen he was online on the sight.


I’ve waited a lot longer then 2 days before, and everything worked out fine. He couldn’t ship today cause it’s Sunday, and Tomorrow is a holiday. Give it a few days. Maybe he’s just waiting to get a tracking number before writing you.


He may have browser open on his phone/computer and not actively be on the site. Yesterday was Valentine’s day, it’s the weekend, things come up. Definitely continue to follow up with him, but not sure we’re at code red levels yet.


I wouldn’t deal with him just because his BSTs are super-annoying and I think they break a few of the forum BST guidelines. He has enough feedback that this particular incident is probably going to resolve itself just fine, though.

I don’t think he actually cheats anyone to the best of my knowledge… he just overvalues his yoyos, fishes too long for high-ball offers, and is generally somebody I wouldn’t bother doing business with.


Money send and barely a day before you call him out

That’s ridiculously quick for someone that’s got good feedback

Keep in mind he may be on vacation for presidents day and just leaves his browser open