Has yoyoing gave you muscles?


It gave me muscles. One doctor said I needed more strength… I SHOWED HIM!!!


My yoyos arent that heavy :wink:


I mean from throwing the yoyo down. :slight_smile:



(Mark) #5

Nope. It may have done some wierd minute toning but probably not.


tbh im a pretty big chap! so if a yoyo were to make my muscles bigger itd have to be a pretty healy one! lol (dont mean to sound like im boasting! lol)


I was just thinking… a buffed-up Kim-Lan. Think about it for a minute. :smiley:


not really

(_|@<06) #9

yoyos weigh like 65 grams…honestly for one to give you muscles youd have to be pretty dang weak lol running and lifting do the trick though :wink:




No muscles, but hella carpel tunnel!


Maybe, cuz My fingers feeling tight and strong while I’m playing with my yoyo.

Happy Throwing! =]

(JonasK) #13

When you use your arm a lot you can end up with two things, strength or pain. I get strength from walking the dog (yes the real one and I’m getting tired of that joke). I have gotten nothing but skill, fun, pain and an empty wallet. I also get pain after about 30 minutes of dodgeball depending on how much I yoyoed the day before.


its makeing my hands stronger :stuck_out_tongue: buts its also making new veins in my wrists :o



I yoyo’d so much that I can’t move anymore.


My right arm muscle seem to have become more tight and not loose and flabby.