halo reach!


i cant wait for this game to come out, who’s with me! gamers post anything u want about the game but please no hating :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, not a Halo fan.


I guess it’ll be cool. But people are still gunna play Halo 3. There to completely different games.


not even buy it. waw ftw


I guess im excited cause halos a fun game but i am not that enthusiastic :-\


I’m ecstatic about it! I just hope that reach lives up to our hopes of ending one of the greatest game series’ of our time with a bang. Bungie is certainly building it up as such.

Forgeworld is gonna be sweet too :slight_smile:

(Yo!It'sMatt) #7

I’m Definitely buying it. I was never a COD fan.


Reach is going to be the shooter to end all shooters. After playing the beta I think it’s the best halo game yet and I much prefer the new credit ranking system as opposed to the trueskill system.


It’s accually not ending. There’s just going to be a new developer.


343 Industries is making Halo 4.


Map making is going to be the Big part in Reach. I mean, its like a map 5 times its size! I think this will be the last Halo, cause my mom told me that Bungies going to be working with Activision for some new game.


Reach is not the last halo. As stated in the post RIGHT ABOVE yours, 343 is making Halo 4.


Um… ok… and whos 343?