Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta -- VIDEO

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Check out the new trailer for the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta, releasing on May 3, 2010.






I’m not a big fan of halo, but dude. This looks awesome!


I don’t really get it. Halo Reach happened in the past, so why is everything UPGRADED?

Confusing to me…

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Mostly, it’s because they have to upgrade everything since it’s a new game. But to follow Halo lore, I’ll explain it a little.

In Halo:CE, Halo 2, and Halo 3 you played as John-117, a SPARTAN-II. Without going into any more details, you play as a SPARTAN-III in Halo: Reach.

The IIIs had experimental versions of the MJOLNIR armor and they were able to equip ONI issued power-ups, which explains the jetpacks and such.

The rest of the new Human Weapons are probably prototypes that were lost when Reach fell. The Assault Rifle just has a new look because they could give it one, it’s not really upgraded.

With the covenant weapons, you can just say that they got rid of them, or they just never brought them after the fight on Reach.


I gotta say im a fan of the spartan-III’s. Sure, they’re not as engineered as the II’s like Chief and the others, but dang!


And to think that I haven’t even played ODST yet. :frowning:

Looks good, JM.


ODST as okay. I personally dont think it is worth 60 dollars, but its campaign was alright. Firefight made up for the lack of a good campaign though.

idk, im just rambling. :stuck_out_tongue:


and in halo I, I suppose they also lost the ability to use hand to hand combat?

jk, but the hand to hand combat looks cool.


The spartan II’s were trained differently,and are ultimately better. Their armor is also a lot better then the spartan III’s.

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I’m not sure that this is the right conclusion to come to. The training program for the IIIs was accelerated, but they were still more than adequate. ONI made a point to make sure that the IIIs were much better trained than the IIs.

The IIIs were ultimately more effective than the IIs because they were cheaper to make and they relied heavily on stealth and superior team battle tactics to achieve objectives. Each served their purpose, but it’s true that the IIs had superior armor. In a head-on face-to-face fight of one Spartan-III vs an Elite, my money is on the Elite. A Spartan-II however would probably be able to win. The strength of the IIIs is really in numbers. 10 IIIs against 10 IIs, I would wager the IIIs would best them.

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basically, II=tank type and III=soldierish

one spartan II could take out a Scarab (with some intelegence, but mostly charge them once they are on top of it.) Spartan III would have a squad and ulimately be more powerful than a Spartan II because they would use stealth. the more feared is the enemy that could be anywhere.

but yeah