Halo 3

(Zero) #1

is there anyone willing to help me get some skulls on live? My Gamertag is KillerZero14

oh yeah I also need help doing the ark on normal. I know, I suck

(Jerry) #2

Sure I will just invite me when you want.
My gt is AxeLeopard (thats how its spelled) :wink:
Or we could do it on Ledgendary :o

(Zero) #3

aw man. I have to buy that 100$+ hard drive to play co-op that sucks

(Zero) #4

hey is there a way to kill the brute battle hammer guy first on crow’s nest?

(JM) #5

I’m pretty sure that’s not true, tell me why you think that and I will try to help get around it.

Hold on to the Spartan Laser you have equipped in the beginning of the level. Charge it and hit him with it. As long as he doesn’t activate invincability (He glows white) it will kill him in one shot.

(JM) #6

Really? That’s really really lame. I guess I wouldn’t know because I have a HDD. Sorry man.

(JayVee) #7

I think it depends on the game you’re playing. I don’t think you need it for campaign.
You’ll definitely need it for custom games though.

(Jerry) #8

He needs it to play co-op campaign with me online so he can beat it on normal.

(Shisaki) #9

I think I’ve seen you before on live :o

(Zero) #10

hey on crow’s nest during “gift with purchase” when you walk in the room with the brutes, can you snipe the cheiftain in the head with a battle rifle before you kill anyone else?

(JM) #11

The BR isn’t strong enough to kill the cheiftan in one shot, and since the other brutes have regeneration, the BR isn’t the best weapon here. A charged plasma pistol shot will bring the Brutes health down to where a headshot with a BR, Carbine, or Pistol will bring them down.

The easiest way to beat this part is to use the shotgun you can find in the upper level rooms. Combine that with some spike grenade action and you will be fine.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #12

Take it the old school way!
Add me on XBL! oneandonlyyyyy

(JayVee) #13

You can also pick up the turret from the room with the drones. That should make short work of the brutes(most of them at least). :wink:

(Zero) #14

nevermind. I made trash out of the cheiftein with a few BR head shots then It wasn’t long before I killed the rest of the brutes with the machine gun, and I got the Grunt birthday Skull after.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #15

Haha use the skull!
It’s always funny to see them explode confetti.

(Zero) #16

I FINALLY BEAT THE ARK ON NORMAL and got my EVA shoulders.



That game is sort of hard for me. :slight_smile:

(Zero) #18

Can someone help me get mongoose mowdown acheivment? I can’t seem to get it.

(JayVee) #19

The easiest way to get that is on the social free-for-all playlist(I think). All you have to do is tell everyone that you need to get some achievements before the game starts. Hopefully they agree to help. If not, then just practice ramming them with a mongoose. :wink:

(JM) #20

Must be a ranked free-for-all.