Halo 3

(JM) #1

Calling all Halo 3 players of all skill levels!

If anyone is interested in playing friendly games of Halo 3 just post it here, add me on Xbox LIVE (Killarity), and lets get to slayin’!


I wish I had an Xbox and Xbox live. Costs lots of money though.


I have a 360 but no live. Ill probably get it a little while from now since Im going to get a computer and whipe it clean. Until then, Im going to try to get the catch skull. I hate that skull.

(JayVee) #4

Woot! Another Halo 3 player! I don’t play on Xbox Live much anymore(just a few games here and there), but Halo 3 is what I play whenever I’m online. :slight_smile:

If you want to add me, my gamertag is catorameus :wink:

(JM) #5

For a limited time, Xbox LIVE is offering memeberships for $1 for the first month! Sign up and I can help you get that skull!!!


How long does this last?! We need to connect the computer to my xbox(i refuse to buy a wireless network adaptor!)

(JM) #7

You don’t have to have a wireless one, just a router in general. They’re much much cheaper.

EDIT: I’m not sure how long the promotion lasts.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #8

wewt halo 3!
If you ever see me I would be playing team swat!
so yup
gamertag = oneandonlyyyyy

(Frank W.) #9

Crazygoofy91 I play a lot of team swat

(JayVee) #10

I’m not a big fan of Team SWAT games. I like CTF and Assault games.

And most of all, Action Sack!!! Team Sumo FTW ;D

(Mitch) #11

BUMP! Im live!!!

Abunchafatkids is my GT…

dont laugh… think about of the kills