what are u being for halloween im being sackboy from littlebigplanet


im going as jason from friday the 13th


I’m going to go as a yoyoer. But I’m not trick or treating.


A boy. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m printin out Augie’s face on a mask and I’m going as Augie! Scare the heck out of alot of people!


thats mean. im going as my self im scary enough as i am jk


a power ranger …duhhhh…jk
probably kenny from south park or something like that

im just tired of my friends coming with a tee shirt that says “this is my costume” to school,


My friends and I are dressing as a mafia theme.


Im going to be the most scariest thing on the plant…

(Yo!It'sMatt) #10

My Friend Is gunna be cereal.
Im gunna be a Cereal Killer! :smiley:


I’me going as the green bastard.

(Mitch) #12

Alright a little back story first…

My friend made up a super hero character named “Boxer Boy” He dresses up in a bath robe and like twelve pairs of boxer shorts…

I needed a good costume for his halloween part last year so I made up a super villian to be his arch-nemisis… I was

“Spin Cycle!” The evil washing machine that eats socks and shrinks clothes! I got a giant white box and did it up like a front-loading washing machine…

Thats what I was last year, and I might do it again next year if he’s boxer boy again

(Zer0) #13

easter bunny!

(JonasK) #14

If I even dare to go out in the cold I would be dresses as a yeti just to keep the warmth…