Hail storm a few days ago. WOW!!!!!!! VIDEO INSIDE


This was said to be the nastiest hail storm possibly ever recorded. Hail from the size of a pea to the size of grapefruit or softball. This is a video from a friend’s house. Their pool looks like it’s boiling. watch it all the way through to see its wrath.

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at one min 30 sec… lets go swim


omg thats crazy! :o


i was waiting for that plant pot to smash


DUDE. . . .:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: that was unbelievable

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trust me, not the worst hail storm on record, but i gotta say, after tonadoes and hail, must be a fun place to live.


Dude that was awesome, man I feel sorry for peoples cars not parked in a garage LOL.

So cool you guys filmed it. Thanks for sharing that I love bad weather.


That is wicked cool.

Did your friend get any house damage? That big o’ chunks could have took out a roof, I’m sure. I mean, I’ve been within a mile and clear view of a tornado, but I’ve never seen a hail storm. At least like that. My brother went to Philmont, New Mexico, they had hail golf ball size.


That’s insane!!! lol!


holy crap. thats insane. any pics of the damage after the strom?


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very funney…


Wow, i wonder if a person can actually die from getting hit in the head by one of those!
Looks dangerous man! But aaaaaaanyways. Awesome vid. :slight_smile:

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well, they can at least get knocked unconcious.

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Hehe, this vid is featured on Yahoo…


I’m so glad that wasn’t me and my friends… I guarantee I would have ended up in that pool. Lol.


You can get killed by a golf ball coming down on a course, so I’d say yes.