Haha Yay Computer! (Funny image)


Notice the current time (on the left) and the times and dates on the file properties (on the right).

(Mi) #2

Hahahaha what the


“created: august 4th 2010”
“modified: august 2nd 2000”

(Mi) #4

Thats not all thats wrong. Look at the time.


Oh and here is a problem too.


The fact that you took the time to cut out those pictures is just…I don’t even know.

Oh and to add to the oddity, that was a file I had just downloaded and installed.


To add in my own bias, the real problem is right here.

(Mi) #7

More noteably. http://i.imgur.com/4CAVg.png


Lol Mi, you’re funny.

What’s wrong with this? Also that it’s windows?


eh, runescape is awesome!!

this is runescape:


No, that’s a video of somebody having no life. Lol.

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #11

Windows is far superior than snowleopard. But we do get viruses like this…


that was the SINGLE most nerdy thing i have seen since world of warcraft :slight_smile: