Lol theres like 1003 cases of pork flu in singapore, and the school’s just aren’t closing down! >:(

How many cases are there in your country/state? And are there any actions taken?

(JM) #2

There were 3 reported and 1 confirmed in Tampa, FL about two months ago.


Not too many near me, but there are some, I’m not sure of the exact number.


lol I think that 1000 out of 4 million people is a lot of cases ;D

Thats 0.025% of singapore :o

(Cinimod105) #5

It is not spread by pigs.

It is not even 1%…


That was a random statement ::slight_smile: i never implied that they were :stuck_out_tongue:

So? If 1% of Singapore got h1n1, theres gonna be mass chaos, and you don’t want to know whats gonna happen. The whole of singapore would be quarantined, no trades, no jobs, everything will close down is what i’m expecting. 0.025% is already a signifigant number. If 0.025% was of america, that would be 7.6 million people. Singapore is just small.

Yes, my expected results are very exagerated :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw on MSN that swine flu was declared stable, even with some infections. It has definitely gotten better here in the States.

I think they’re all cleared out here in SC too.


Haha i wonder when its gonna get stable in singapore ::slight_smile:


It’s stable in California. Don’t worry, the Swine Flu will be like the Avian Flu. It’ll calm down within a couple of years. Stay Positive, you only die if you don’t take immediate action.

(Mitch) #10

I think there were less than 5 cases here in Ohio…


Media Generated Hype.



http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8022516.stm <- little old.


(JonasK) #13

We put a person WITHOUT the disease in isolate…,

(JM) #14

You’re right that they made it out to be worse than it actually was, but that tactic actually saves lives. Most of the time it’s just annoying and counter-productive, but sometimes it makes people actually get “checked out”.


I laughed at that. Good Dark humor.