Guitar reccomandations

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Well, i’m not really an expert at picking out guitars (currently using a squire strat), and i know there’s a lot of guitar players on this forum, so i was hopeing you could help. Preferances:
solid body Electric
I looking for something no more than $650.
Preferabley 24 frets
company, i don’t really care, ibenez, fender, epiphones are mostly what i’ve looked, a few spr guitars
I prefer double cut neck just for looks, but single cut works also
i basically like to play rock or hard rock, i do finger picking too, maybe something in between
i don’t care much about satin finishes, elaborate decoration, or looks much, but if it has it it would be nice
I don’t know a whole lot about pickups si i don’t have any preferances there
Skill level: been palying for about 6 years, mostly a finger picker, but i’m trying to diversify into lead playing, fast playing, solos and stuff like that.

Thats about it, if you could post a link to a store that sells the guitar you reccomand that would be great. Thanks in advance.


Do you have a Guitar center near you?
If you do, they will; match the prices off of this site
and you don’t have to pay for shipping.
I use a Washburn Rocker series with those ridiculous Zack Wilde strings for recording but that’s about the extent of my guitar use. I’m a bass player. Sry.
The guitarist in my last band (industrial) were big fans of Gibson Les Paul’s. That’s not a solid body but defiantly worth checking out if you haven’t already.


I really don’t do much more than fool around on guitar; however, as a long time sax player I have a lot of experience working with guitar players. Most guys at music school played on either epiphone or gibson les pauls (there are solid body and hollow body versions of these). However, guitars, like any instrument, vary between individual guitars – not just makes of guitars. If you are going to spend $650 on a guitar, I can’t recommend enough to actually go to a store that will let you try out a bunch of different guitars, even ones of the same make. Oh, and take your amp or play through an amp just like yours so you know what it is going to sound like.

As a member of a band, I would personally recommend a les paul or strat just because these are two time-tested, versatile guitars. Guitars like a flying V, or even a gibson SG have their place, but ultimately limit how you play (the metal-heads are probably cringing right now).

Speaking of amp… I’m guessing the goal here is to spend around $650 to sound better. A new amp, depending on what you’ve got, may have a more significant impact than a new guitar.

That’s my 2cents.


True, also if your looking to alter your tone on an affordable level, you might want to look into amp modeling stuff. The line 6 POD XT is great. The base model, not so much, but the XT version on up rule.

Though, yeah, I’ve played a squire, and they don’t play that great, but yeah, Like alzabo said, don’t buy anything without trying it out.

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yah, my amp is fine, it’s a 65 watt spider II by line 6, i don’t need another one. I guess it really doensn’t matter whole lot if it’s not solid body. And i do have a guitar center, not really close, but within driving distance. It’s about 45min-1hr. I want to have a good idea of what i want before i go. I wouldn’t be shipping it here, i’d just go pick it up, and so i’d deffinatly try before i baught it. Thanks for the help so far though.

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Hey check here:,Page-1.gc?o=1&ipp=15

It should be organized by lowest price to highest price.
Edit: Yup it is. Everything to page 30 is in your price range.

If what you are looking for is not there then check the rest of the site.

Hope this helps.

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well, i’ve been to guitar many times, and the list you gave me was of more than 200 guitars…

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Mk, I just wanted you to have a good choice. :-\


Yah, those spider II ’ s are tight.
If you can find one, the Les Paul Gothic plays awesome. It’s only about $350 though. If you get one, you have to be carful to NEVER LET IT FALL FACE DOWN. there is to much tension on the nut and you will snap the head stock off. SRSLY. But they play beautifully. This is what they look like.

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well, i’m not a really careful guy, so i’m not sure this is for me. Part of the reason i want a new guitar is because my current guitar fell down a long flight of concrete steps a while back reader cringes yah… it still plays good, but it has quite a few nicks and and the tuners are a little loose… and the pickup sqwich is sorta bent… in essence, its the best road worn job i have ever seen.


There is not an wincing, glowering emoticon. There should be
These might be able to survive you, but they don’t make them anymore.
Also, they kinda look/sound/play like crap.
But they’re probably dense enough to stop a bullet
B.C. Rich Acrylics

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i’m sorrey but, look/sound/play like crap does not fit the preferances listed. lol It was just an accidant, it was in the guitar bag and the zipper broke open, but i don’t intend for that to happen again.

anyone know how this plays ?


You might wanna pm this cat.;u=1631


i’ve been playing for 8 years and next to a les paul this is the best guitar i have ever played

get it in the sunburst. The finish is one of my favorites.


Go to your local guitar store, explain to them what you want.

I don’t know about you’re local music scene but I know here that if I went to my store and explained to them what I wanted they would give me what I wanted.


Judging by what your preferences appear to be I would look at the lower end Gibson SG models.  I would suggest something like these:

I don’t want to start trouble because each instrument is its own animal but generally Gibson has a higher overall production standard than Epiphone (I have some of both so I am not biased just trying to restate what I have read and learned) so I would go Gibson if it’s possible for you.

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dude you should deffinatly check these out
thyre super sick. everything from them is

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get a les paul its a great guitar or if you want to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars get a 59 les paul(jk) but seriously get a les paul it will be worth it and you wont regret it(like my yoyo strings i make)

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For a 24 fret neck, I recommend the Prestige or Wizard neck that comes with Ibanez guitars. Just look at a body that you like. I personally like the S bodies and RG bodies.

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sorrey i haven’t been responding, i was out of town for a couple days. Thanks for all the help guys, it’s been very helpful, if you have any more reccomandations don’t be afraid to post.