Guitar gear


If any of you play guitar, what gear do you have?

I have a Peavey Predator (1st uitar)
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Fender Telecaster Sunburst

Peavey Vypyr 30 modeling amp

Vox Big Bad Wah
Radial Bones Texas Overdrive

Pics of your guitar(s) would be nice ;D and ill get some pics but my camera isnt working

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Custom Painted Series Ten
Epiphone SG 400 (The one w/ 3 pickups)
Takamine Acoustic
Series Ten Amp
Peavey Practice amp
Show amps are:
B-52 Half Stacc
Behringer V-Ampire
BOSS Compressor
BOSS SD-1 Distortion
BOSS Overdrive
Morley Mark Tremonti Wah
FAB Echo
FAB Chorus
And a digitech processor that I don’t use. It’s for sale if anyone’s interested


Nice, oh wow i remember i hav a Digitech processer and i hav to say that most of the effects in it are either badly designed or useless…

And what is a good distortion pedal im looking at a Radial London Distortion


dude, every piece of radial gear i’ve ever had has been killer. what kind of distortion sound are you looking for? if i know that, i can recommend something much more confidently.

in keeping with the topic-i have way too much gear, but my current show rig is as follows:
Ibanez RG7321 7String
Carvin V3 Head
2 Carvin Legacy 2X12 Cabinets
a small pedalboard with
Korg PitchBlack Tuner(easily the best tuner i’ve EVER used)
Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive(for a little push over the top)
ISP Technologies Decimator Noise Gate(couldn’t go without this)

this rig is for the grindmetal band some friends and i joke around with. if i were playing in a normal band, i would use a couple effects. feel free to PM me with any gear questions. i couldn’t confidently answer very many yoyo questions, but i’ve been in guitar forever.


You guys have nice stuff. I’ve got : A ESP LTD guitar
A Roland Cube 15x
And a Darelectro Honey Tone (really small amp)

                                Correct me if I got anything wrongly labeled.


Im looking for that giant Marshall JCM sound that can kinda get some lower gains for Guns N Roses

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Guitar: Cheap beggener acoustic
Squire strat
Amp: Spidder II
Effects: GT-OD by mxr


well, in that case, i think the radial london is a great choice. it’s voiced like british amps, which includes marshall. you might want to look into the mxr distortionIII. it’s supposed to be a really nice, versatile all-arounder. and it’s a little cheaper. i don’t have first hand experience with the distortionIII, but it’s mxr, and they make great stuff.

here’s a link to the mxr

off topic real quick- for future reference, as far as forum etiquette goes, is it more correct to just post the link or should i PM it instead? thanks, i don’t do forums much, so i’m not too savvy on standard protocol. but i felt i could actually contribute something to this thread.

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Linking top othger stores is fine, just so long as they don’t relate much to yoyos, or have things that YYE sells as well


I hav to say i like the London better than the Distortion III. I completely agree that MXR makes great stuff but Radial is better. I was looking for OD a while ago and i played Boss and MXR pedals and they were good but i tried Radial Texas OD and it had a tone as big as texas itself and had unbelieveably high gain and versitility. So i got the Texas and it hasnt let me down. I mainly use it for Lynyrd Skynyrd with my tele

Point is Radial just doesnt go wrong ;D


cool, man. i love my radial gear. i have the class a boost. i had a reamp box from them, but i sold it cause i was getting out of recording. but both are awesome. when you get it, let me know if you like it, please.

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I run a 1970’s reissue American Strat through a Digitech RP-7 effect processor into a Crate TD50-C


Is te processer one of the good Digitech processers? I have this low end model and i personally think its not good, most of the effects are very digital and bad sounding and/or unusable. :-\

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The distortions are not too bad since there’s a tube preamp. Other than that, the modulations are all pretty bad.


Ovation Baladeer
Ovation Celebrity (signed by a few bands)
Squire Classic Vibe Telecaster
Ovation Viper
Squire Strat (Signed by the Black Crows)

Roland Micro Cube
Some big Peavey