Guess what Photo Manipulating/Software I use in my sig.

(Sorry, no prize, just for fun. ;))


Photoshop? Gimp?



Can’t be Mybannermaker.Com because it would have the logo on it.

(JonasK) #4

Those aren’t software.

Rsmod’s guesses seem pretty good.


Microsoft Paint?

(Or any that comes with your computer)


Nice one bro, You got it!~





Hahaha! :wink:
Why Louisezz?
you can’t believe?
I try, but it requires a higher framework version.
And I’m tired to download and install again.
that’s why i use Paint.

(Hey louisezz are you already “Graduated” in the tricks that teach here?, I mean that you all know PERFECTLY all the tricks here?, Any tips?, My Speedmaker & my Thin lube Is comming a week or two, At last!, I can now learn tricks! :smiley: ;D)


Cool, Congrats on your new Speed Maker! ;D

I know most of the tricks, other than the picture tricks and some grinds.