Guess it (Game)

(Q) #1


Here’s how it works, I’m going to put down random words everyday. You guys have to guess the song that they are from, and whoever gets it right gets to start putting words down. (Please make it from a well known song) and also make them words that aren’t the most common in the english language

Here’s your first word.
Also, here is a quick fact about the song

Won a grammy in 1968

(Johnny rocks!!!) #2

folsom prison blues?


hint: think journey

(Q) #3

You didn’t get it right.
You can only post your song lyrics if you answer it right

(Johnny rocks!!!) #4

i thought it was right so i posted new words

(Q) #5

I’ll tell you if it’s right.

Next word.



heart & soul

(Q) #7

Next word,


This is the first word of the entire song!


I for sure got it!
Soul Man By The blues Brothers. :] Right?

(Q) #9

Winner winner chicken Dinner!


Aha!!! I knew it! :smiley:
Next song…


Hint: Think “Crew”


Shout at the Devil by Motley Crew!


Oh wow! First try! Nice nice. Good job.
“‘Hear the wolf screamin’ lonely in the night. He’s the blood stain on the staaage!” :smiley:

Now you go for it, your song. :]


Alright, this one is tough.

“…'Cause if I ever see you on the street,
I’ll pretend that I didn’t see
And turn my face
No use in small talk anyway…”

Think “By my side” or “Choi”

“…'Cause if I look into your eyes,
then I’d have to say goodbye
And that would break my heart so,
I won’t even start…”


Aha!!! C’mon! Tough? TOUGH?!
My friend showed me this song not that long ago AND you gave the title.
Won’t Even Start by David Choi. Correct? (I know it is :P)


That is not the title, that is the album name. Your turn, nice job!


That’s the title my friend said it was. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol,have you noticed we’re the only ones that are playing right now?

But yeah. Here goes…


Hint: Think “Historical Torture Device” :]

I think this one’s gonna be tough.


I mean I didn’t tell the title. But anyway.

Flight of Icarus by Iron Maiden?


Ooooh, So close. Nope.

Next word…


Hint: Think “War”


I see no one is playing anymore. :frowning: