(Yo!It'sMatt) #1

From yo-yos.
I mean cmon. :stuck_out_tongue:
What else am I supossed to do ahha.
I guess I’ll try break dancing more.


That stinks. Sounds like a school day to me. Ew… :stuck_out_tongue:




They never have any time for us to just chillax and hang out. This means no yoyoing either. Oh well.


Don’t yoyo.

Do tricks with a metal thing on a string. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Cinimod105) #6

Play with a diabolo.

(Mitch) #7

Take some string and put a weight on it… Just move it around manualy for a while and try to make up some tricks for when you can yoyo again


Work on picture tricks with just a string? :wink:


That’s a Chinese yoyo, so it’s still a yo-yo.

(JackG) #10

good point

(JackG) #11

borrow your friend’s and use it in your room


Depending on the situation you should either:

A. Talk your parents out of being unreasonable/unjust.

B. Don’t repeat whatever was awful enough to actually deserve this torture.


actualy its not a yoyo, its a diabolo.

(JM) #14

It’s a Chinese yo-yo that just happens to have a formal name: Diablos. Technically still a “yo-yo” though.

Sorry for the thread-jack.

(Gorrilla_YO) #15

Sounds like my parents…hahaha, “if you don’t study, im going to trash those yoyos, you study your yoyos more than school”… :stuck_out_tongue: