Good Luck Joseph Harris!


I bet he won’t be able to read this, but…

Good Luck Yo-yo Jo! We hope that you will do well on AGT! Represent us!

~Spin On!



I saw that! I started to scream at the T.V.! I ran downstairs to show my parents, but by the time I turned it on, those dancers were on.

For the judges, I think that yoyoing to them is unique, and Joe has a bigger chance at winning than singing. Singing on that show is so overrated!

And for those that don’t know what AGT is, it’s America’s Got Talent!

Please Joe!!! Say YoYoExpert’s name on T.V.!!! SAY IT!


Come on people, show some support! :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW: When are the finals? Hope it doesn’t cut into Worlds.


Not sure if it’s over yet, but this happened several weeks ago.


I’m talking about the next round where he goes to Vegas.



VEGAS, BABY! =D NBC, 9PM. Spread the word!


(JonasK) #7

We only got two seasons of AGT in Norway. The one where the ventriloquist (after a quick google I found out that the spelling is correct) won and that girl who was singing.

(JM) #8

Pheenix, just watch it here after it airs.


The official site is better in my opinion.

(JM) #10

The reason I suggest Hulu is because they provide an awesome service and only make money when they get views.  NBC doesn’t need it’s website views to make money.


Support the needy and friendly video place!

BTW: Imagine if everyone gets a free yo-yo from Joseph if we told him that we supported him on AGT and we were from YYE!  :o


Well, we all know what happened