Gonna be gone for a bit

(Kei) #1

Hey guys wassup. Well you may not care but I wont be on the forums for some time. As you know school is ending and I have a bunch of finals to study for. Also I got some plans and I dont really have that much time for the forums. It is not forever but you might not hear from me for a while, it may be like all summer. So yeah… keep throwin’!

I"LL BE BACK! And when I do I totally wanna video battle someone! ;D

(Q) #2

You can’t leave, Kei.
You’re vital to the infastruction of YYE, without you, the forum will fall apart.

(Kei) #3

I’m sorry bro!  :’(
I’ll try to come in every once in a while. Besides your the sheriff I think you can handle these here parts without me. (I fail as a cowboy)

Before I leave I want to share this vid, ITS SO FUNNY:

(Q) #4

You will be missed my friend.

And no, I am definnently NOT the sherrif

(Kei) #5

I am sorry buddy. :’(

Thanks bro. :slight_smile:


Take care, Kei!


Bye Kei! Team 24/7 will be sad :’( By the way Q i seriously think you will be the next forum expert.


We will all miss you. Guys, think on the bright side, he will be back.


We are gonna miss you.


Don’t worry kei, I won’t miss you! ;D