Giant Favorite Yo-yo Poll... More to Come


This is one of a few polls that im making to see what is the favorite yoyo of the forum here… If your favorite yoyo is not here dont vote, there is another poll with more yoyos…chose your favorite yoyo in your favorite style (1a 2a…)
Other poll:,18268.0.html


Your mixing 1a, 2a, 4a and 5a yoyos. you cant really compare.


This is retarded, how can I choose between a Severe and a Loop900???

I pick Severe, just because it’s my fav 1a yoyo. Why don’t you just make seperate poll’s for each style of yoyo?


What they said.
And why only yoyos that YYE has on the site? Some of us have favorite yoyos not on this list and probably won’t be (SFHG).
Why not just look at people’s favorite yoyos on the side when they post?
<=== Like there?


There’s millions of other yoyos, and I don’t get the point of this thread that much when you can just look at their favorite yoyos besides you. :stuck_out_tongue: