Ghost stories that happened to me..


This is true, I swear on my all my yoyos:)

I have been reading on ghost forums and found similar stories. I am 14 and am male. I never believed in ghosts until about 2 weeks ago. It felt as though I was awake because I was in my room and just had gotten back from the shower or maybe I just looked at the clock it was too vague to remember. So I look at the clock and it is 7:00 Am and then I remember hearing a high pitched sound. It kept getting louder and louder and then I suddenly couldn’t move. I started to panic and began to scream, but no sound came out. I then remember seeing the clock and the numbers began to rotate and were appearing randomly on the clock. I then saw my door handle and it became to come closer and closer. I think I found the strength to close my eyes and It stopped. I really didn’t think anything of it, it was shear terror when It was happening though. So I came to a conclusion that my mind was just probably playing tricks on me. But then just today I heard the same noise, then again I was paralyzed for roughly 10 seconds. It was 5:30 in the morning and I went to pound on my parents door, it was locked . I went back to my room and turned on the t.v. Then I became sleepy again and turned it off. Went back to bed and then I started to hear the noise again, No way in hell I was going to go through that again, so I jumped out of bed and went into my parents bedroom through the other door. Told them that it had happened again and my dad gave me the same look that ghosts aren’t real.

Well I have never experienced this until recently, those of you who have gone through it know that there is no other fear like it. Oh yes I forgot, before it happens like a chill in air comes, and it feels like there is something there, like a presence looking at me. I sleep on my stomach.

Any help?

I’m not crazy lol


How high were you when this happened?


haha completely sober


btw, this is gonna get locked, thats not the only reason someone locks the door


Sounds like someone sprinkled some PCP on your Wheaties, buddy.
Ghosts aren’t real. Take a nap.

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actually sounds like an Anxiety Attack. Go to the doctor


Actually, It really does sound like an Anxiety Attack. Like Dryoyo said, go to the doctor.
You were probably hallucinating, too.
Personally, I think it was a demon…but not everyone in the world believes in angels and demons.


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You guys, I think it’s time to tell him about the curse of the yo-yoer… You see, every yo-yoer experiences this. It will just keep happening, it’s actually the ghost of Donald F Duncan, the founder of the Duncan Yo-Yo Company. He hates where the toy has come, with metal and bearings and what not, so he curses all yo-yoers forever.

Nah, just messing. Seriously, I have no idea what’s going on, but I’d trust Dr. Yo-Yo on the anxiety attack, but I’m really not sure.


i believe him it something similar happend to me to
than Timmy my unicorn told me to snap out of it and flew away

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I don’t believe in ghosts, but i do believe in spirits and the supernatural…for sure it’s energy or some one close to you that’s visiting. i’ve had instances while sleeping that someone was sitting on my chest and it was hard to breath…i tried to get up but i felt paralyzed and very cold (here in hawaii, its very warm), i couldn’t move. I then smelt cigar smoke, like my grandfather used to smoke…i realized it was my grandfather that came to visit me…





Sounds like a bad acid trip buddy.


I found out what it is called Sleep Paralysis google it


then you should go to the doctor

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You should listen to dryoyo.
He IS a doctor.

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Nah, you’re not crazy. It’s called sleep paralysis. I’m 100% sure that’s what it is, i’ve experienced it many times myself. Nothing supernatural about it, although yes it can be very frightening. sleep paralysis is essentially your body’s natural mechanism to keep your actual body from acting out your dreams. for example, if you’re having a dream and you’re running in the dream, your actual legs won’t be moving on your real body. this is due to your brain paralyzing your body when you’re asleep (which is normal). rarely (what you experienced, and I do quite frequently) your body’s sleep paralysis mechanism will kick in before your body falls fully asleep, preventing you from moving. and basically your brain becomes confused since it’s ‘thinks’ you’re asleep (since you’re in sp) but yet you’re still conscious so you hallucinate wildly (often very strange and/or frightening hallucinations), and can’t move. No need to go to the doctor, i’ve experienced since i’ve been a toddler (literally) and i’ve been to the doctor but there wasn’t really anything they could do for it, so i’ve learned to live it.

If it happens to you again, the worst thing you can do is to panic, try to scream, or move. Doing any of those will only worsen the hallucinations tenfold. Just lay there and remain as calm as possible, ignore the hallucinations as much as you can, and you’ll probably snap out of it after a minute or so. Trying to do some very small movements (such as trying to wiggle your toes) can also help you snap out of it. Alternatively, many people (including myself) have learned to do something called ‘lucid dreaming’ from it. Basically, if you stay conscious throughout the entire sleep paralysis experience and don’t try to wake yourself up, you can slip into the dreamstate while being fully conscious (giving your full control over your dream). being fully conscious in while dreaming truly is amazing. I highly recommend you look into ‘lucid dreaming’ (google it if you want).

Yep, trying to explain sleep paralysis to somebody who has never experienced it will probably just make them think you’re crazy (frustrating, I know). So if you have any other questions or concerns, i’ll gladly answer them for ya. Also, I’d be happy to share some of my personal sleep paralysis experiences if you want to hear them.

and don’t worry, if you’re like most people, the times you got sp were probably just isolated incidents and probably aren’t going to happen very often.

some more info


Alright I will try to stay as calm as possible next time, thanks a ton. My sleep paralysis worsens when I start to figure out I can’t move and then I start to have a panic attack.


Sounds fancy so he is probably right…


Not funny anymore.