Get well soon Adam!


I heard he fractured his tailbone. :’(


Get well soon!

(JackG) #3

that should put him out of yoyoing for a while
get well soon


LOLLLLLLL. That was just my aim status. I just hurt it bad.

So I was at a park near school and my friends are just jumping onto this 4 foot high bear statue, but I cant do it. I keep trying, and I realize that my pants are beastly tight, so I try to see how high I can kick up my legs. I do it, my left foot slips out from under me and I free fall like 5 feet to the ground and land on my tailbone. Been sitting on an icepack since friday…

And thus my aim status was "Fractured my tailbone. Darn bears.

But thanks Samad!

(Gorrilla_YO) #5

I broke my tailbone acting stupid and doing stupid things…gosh I miss the high school days…

Anyways, Adam…get well soon buddy…


Lol I’m Fine.


lol adam i thought you were wrestling bears for a minute