General-Yo's official news: MINI-STAR2!


That’s awesome Greg! I know you’ll love it.


Shirt looks awesome


It’s probably also worth mentioning in this thread that I “competed” (such as it is for me…) with my General-Yo Prestige this weekend. :slight_smile: I botched my super-slick fingerspin at the end of my freestyle, but I pulled it off in front of numerous people when not crushed under the pressure of the stage. :wink:


Released today ;D
June 16th is a special day for me.
This run took more planning/developing than the others we made.
Thanks for everyone’s support this run.


Just got one a bit ago! My first General-Yo yoyo!!! I can’t wait to try it!


Snagged a James Reed edition!


I can’t believe these aren’t sold out yet!


I hate feeling the pressure of a limited release :C


It’s Past midnight and I just bought the last comp. grade Amplitude. WooHoo go me!


Check out my custom m10


I really want one of these but I’m not fast or good at horizontal…having a hard time justifying it especially because I really need to downsize the collection for some cash


Bought one to show my appreciation for a manufacturer making a lighter weight throw. Hoping in the future we see a lot more yoyos in the 55g-63g range. Light yoyos are so much more fun and enjoyable to play than the bricks on strings that we see a lot of.


If anyone wants a Mint Cliff and Chief, you can have them both if you get an Amplitude to my doorstep!


You got it! I have room for a few heavier throws in my life, but it’s always a delight to throw light. And right from the first throw of the Amplitude, this one was no exception.


There is still a prestige in stock!

(major_seventh) #1236

??? ??? ??? ??? :o :o :o :o


I was hoping to get a comp grade but there are still a few left luckily!


So I’ve just returned home from UK Nationals, and thought it worth letting you know that Armani flew the General-Yo flag with honour, taking second place!

It turned out he accidentally forgot his Amplitude (which he planned on competing with), but fortunately I had just bought a violet comp-grade, so I lent it to him for his performance and he busted out (in my opinion) the best freestyle of the entire day. Turns out he was only 0.45 of a point behind the winner… next year… :smiley:

Simon (one of the organisers) made it a point to give you (The General) a massive shoutout, and informed us that you were one of the most loyal and consistent sponsors of UK yoyoing. So I’d like to thank you personally for sponsoring the UK contests again this year, it was a huge amount of fun for all attending. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for letting me know this!
Made me so proud I teared up!
And thank you for lending him his weapon of choice my friend.


We are at the CAD screen once again
Stay tuned :slight_smile: