General-Yo's official news: MINI-STAR2!


I got an Amplitude at BAC and all of you should too.


Bac is kinda over.


Haha yeah it kind of is…
Maybe he’s implying we should get an amplitude.


how does it play? you should post up some pics of it and do a mini review of it so we can kinda get a feel of what its all about! :slight_smile:


Ernie continues to knock them out of the park.


Can someone take a side by side with a Draupnir?
They seem very similar. Do the play similar?


Plays like a small draupnir. Easier to control.



Beautiful engravings!


Those are beautiful.

(major_seventh) #1211

Can’t wait for mine :smiley:

Anybody know what bearings they ship with?


Getting my first gen yo this week


The Amplitude is amazing


Stock Gen yo


I’m falling behind on my GY collection. Left off at a klr and majesty and still need to get a m10 and prestige. Now I’ll have another on the list!


I left off at KLR. I have anyways meant to get the newer ones but never got around to it.


Got my Volcano Red yesterday. Will post HQ pics with my Nex-6 tomorrow.


Note, I haven’t been able to throw it cleanly. But part of that is due to me not being used to the smaller size. I been throwing my Prestige so much this thing feels like a Token to me! But once I catch it on the string the vibe from my bad throw, goes away instantly.


I won the Amplitude that was one of the NER raffle prizes! I didn’t know at first that I had won the Amp… but then when I pulled out the box you can’t imagine how surprised and happy I was! Inside the bag was also a dope Gen-Yo shirt. So what do you think I’ll be wearing to work and throwing around tomorrow? :wink:


Awesome Greg!
Hope you enjoy it bro