General-Yo's official news: MINI-STAR2!


As someone who hasn’t always been the biggest General Yo fan i gotta say the specs of the Amplitude are amazing. So happy to see more yoyos that aren’t in the 65-68g range. Glad to say i’ll be picking one up ASAP. Also if there’s any protos that are even lighter i’d love to buy one. :slight_smile:


Yuuuuusssss… I wasn’t excited until this post, but now I’m hyped.


NathanC posted first :slight_smile:
But here it is anyway.

63.4 gr
53.85 diameter
42.27 wide
4.3 gap.
Very light weight with the rim to make it twist your wrist back when you bind!
Evenly balanced for horizontal craziness, with comfort in the hand for a relaxed Sunday morning.





Profile shot?


Now that looks fantastic. It’s good to see some yoyos come out that aren’t huge.


From a couple pages back:


I agree with Nathan and Greg, in new yoyo purchases nowadays I like something a little bit different than the stock sizes and shapes we see so much. That weight is definately a selling point for me. ;D


When do you predict these will be released?


I like this size, similar to a hatrick.


end of this month/ early May


Nice I can live with that!


What colorways are you looking to make?


Working on the colors.
I never post colors until they are successfully done.
Its hard to get hopes up until Im holding the finished product.


Please get a few sent (incl. some BAs) to the UK a.s.a.p.! As always, looking forward to this General Yo release.


Will there be any Bada$$ editions??


I was just assuming…


I hope so!


Yes indeed ;D


Will there be bearings in the yoyos? :stuck_out_tongue: