Gender Bias


Man the Singapore Government is so biased. There is a “Napfa” Test (PE) in Singapore that everyone has to take every year, and im starting to feel irritated about it.

Its not that i can’t pass or anything, i got a Gold in it, the only guy in class who got it. But 5 other girls also got golds. I just feel so Can’t find a word with the government, because they are so gender biased. For a girl to get an A at something is how much a guy needs to get an E, or just pass for some of the activities. If its not, the max it can be is a guy’s C for a girl’s A. So if you’re a guy who got a C, then if you were a girl, you would get an A.

Its so Can’t find a word! Girls are supposed to be more flexible than guys, but the standards for “Sit and Reach”, when you sit down, legs straightened and reach as far as possible towards your toes as possible, for guys is higher than girls still!

Anyone else who lives in a country with some sort of gender bias?

(Cinimod105) #2

Yes, I agree. Governments talk about equalities between both sexes, yet,
1)There is even a festival specially dedicated to women, but none for men.
2)Until recently, whenever there are cases of underaged sex in Singapore, the male has a heavier penalty than the female most of the time.
3)In Singapore, men has to go through National Service(Milatary training) but not women!!!(I know men are generally more fit than women but they can at least have a specialised military training programme for women, right?)

(JonasK) #3

See this is why I am not fully for feminism and equalization. In Norway, a lot of women wnat the sam rights as men. And then the discussion will move to the oblligatory army service. This one-year service is only obligatory for men. So stop and think for a while. Women want the same rights as men, but not the duties. Of course you have the extreme feminists doing whatever they can to be treated like men.

In the end, this leads to one truth: Equalization is not in a single way fair. Everyone is different, so there is no need to treat everyone equally.

Addment: I think it’s unfair that boys are rated equally with girls in subjects like the Norwegian “Handwork” subject which knitting happens to be part of, while we are not rated equally in gym.


Ah yes what dominic said reminded me of something, for crimes in singapore, men always get more severe punishments. Also, if a man and a woman commited the same crime, the man probably would be caned and have a jail sentence, but the woman wont get the cane, and won’t be sentenced as long ???

Not trying to offend the girls here, just feel so cant find a word for this with the Censored of Censored.