Game consoles?

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Which of these game consoles/hand held consoles do you prefer?

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it sort of depands on what you want. If you want a bunch of hardcore m rated games then go with the x-box 360. If you want something new and intuwitive get the wii (no it will not necciasarily get you off the couch). If you like great graphics you can go with the PS3, i think it has a wide range of games from E-M. If you want something portable then handsdown get a dsi, i wouldn’t get a ds these days, i’d spend the extra and get the dsi. Personally, i have a wii, and i love it. I’m not an M rated game player but it does have a few good ones if your interested.

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Game Boy Color?
Where is it? haha


My favorite is still the N64 with the PS2 in a close second. I don’t have any of the others besides a Super Nintendo, but whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:


I had to pick PSP, it being the only one I own.
I bought a PSP specifically to play Warhammer 40K Squad Command.
Though I will pick up a PS3 or X-Box 360 later this year, depending on which one can run this better.


Well, i one had a x-360 and it fizzled out after about a month bought new. I brought it to gamestop because I (luckily) got the 1-year warranty. So I got my $350 back and then bought a new ps3, Now I have had it about 6 months and NO PROBLEMS.

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if you buy an x-box you going to need to repair it sooner or later. They just don’t last incredably long without repairs.

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XBOX 360 all the way.

As far as console failures go, the Xbox 360 has come a long way. Most of my friends bought the new-gen versions when they came out two years ago and none of us have had any failures.

Xbox LIVE is hands down the best online gaming exper0ience available, and even PS3 owners admit that.

The Xbox 360 game library is extremely vast, and it really has something for everyone. The controller is the most ergonomic(opinion, of course) since the Nintendo GameCube.

Honestly, my only complaint is the chat quality is poor compared to PC and even PS3. They could fix this by adding USB microphone support, but that’s a whole different thread.

Xbox 360. All. The. Way.


It seems you have forgotten the most versatile and most community-based form of gaming: PC.

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thing is you can download most of the N64 games onto the wii nowadays.

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I’ve got to agree with Kevlar… Im a total Diablo 2, and Everquest 2 junkie… PC ftw…

BUT… 360 is a close second… I’ve played some Halo 3 online with JM, some disturbing stuff lol…


okay m2 ik you were trying to help but please that info is incorrect.the ps3 has great graphics but the xbx360’s are clear and hd and nice for gaming .i had both but i like xbox more so i sold my ps3

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What did I say that was incorrect?


N64 pwns all!!!


I’ve always believed PC for multiple reasons:

  1. Best graphics, obviously. If they put it on a game console, it’s available on a pc.

  2. Cheapest to maintain. Instead of buying a new 300 dollar or more console, simply buy a new graphics card. If you buy top of the line it should last you minimum 5 years.

  3. Capabilities. Do I have to explain?

  4. Easiest to develop on.

  5. By far the most customizable. I mean, the most customizable meaning without an overhaul.

  6. Pretty much all fantastic games for Xbox come out for windows live…

  7. You pretty much need a computer anyways, why not?

  8. You can update individual attributes of it. PC had bluray before PS3…

  9. EMULATORS. There’s already Wii ones out, XBOX 360 is coming, foos! To be legal you need to have the games though… technically…

But there are cons. There are more hackers, and more viruses. So… Yeah. If I had to chose a console meant to be a console it would be XBOX 360. Just because of the halo series and the great controller… BTW, xbox and ps3 technically have very close, if not congruent graphical capabilities.

Oh, and in PS3’s favor, recent long games have had to been put on multiple dvd roms for xbox (what their disks are) but ps3, using bluray, has space to spare on 1.

I’m a PC.

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I don’t care for Halo… PS3 is way better although you can flash xBox 360, PS3 will get CFW any day now… but yeah, I’m a PC.


That would be the reason N64 is my favorite: Emulators.

M2, not JM.

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ROFL dude PS3 has way more processing power and the graphics are slightly better to an unnoticeable degree.

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Haha, I’m an idiot. I don’t have my contacts in, but I’m still not sure how I got JM from m2. Oh well.