G2 v1 prepro Banshee $60 shipped. Other stuff too

Trying to thin out my collection. Prices negotiable. Will do GOOD package deals. Free speed cube with any order if anyone wants one, just ask. All prices include shipping.

$330 shipped if anyone wants the whole lot

G2 v1 prepro Banshee(green/blue half swap) - Few small marks around rims $70
Sengoku Musashi proto - NM $70
UNPRLD Ignition - 3a beat $70
C3 Gamma Crash - NM $50

2Sick Flank - NMTBS $40
UNPRLD Corruption - 3a marks $35
Duncan Origami - NMTBS $35
C3 Vapormotion - few nicks $35

YYF Czech Point Pivot - NM, $35
YYF Genesis - “polished” rims $25
MYY Skyva(2) - NMTBS $30 for both, $20 each, $5 each with anything else


Any idea how the v1 prepro banshee differs from the production run?

Not a clue. @G2_Jake ??

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Been a long time. Most of them had vibe. Were wider too