G Squared YoYos News #G2yoyos Were Back on the forums!

(G2 Jake) #923

Monday Morning YoYo -

(G2 Jake) #924

You wanna know more about this yoyo

(G2 Jake) #925

I’m sure most of you don’t need this’s tips. But if it helps 1 person it’s worth.


I already knew how to finger spin but the tips really helped my technique. Thanks Jake!

(G2 Jake) #927

Monday Morning YoYo :slight_smile:

(G2 Jake) #928

Good stuff in today’s video

(G2 Jake) #929

Quality quality content here you do not want to miss.

(G2 Jake) #930

Monday Morning YoYo

(G2 Jake) #931

Content changes inbound. Lmk your thoughts

(G2 Jake) #932

I learned a new trick. If you do too, you might get a dope swag bag.

(G2 Jake) #933

New blog post today too crazy


(G2 Jake) #934

Goood Morning - Secret Santa info for those interested!

(G2 Jake) #935

Big week for us!

(G2 Jake) #936

Explosisions happened.