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(G2 Jake) #925

I’m sure most of you don’t need this’s tips. But if it helps 1 person it’s worth.


I already knew how to finger spin but the tips really helped my technique. Thanks Jake!

(G2 Jake) #927

Monday Morning YoYo :slight_smile:

(G2 Jake) #928

Good stuff in today’s video

(G2 Jake) #929

Quality quality content here you do not want to miss.

(G2 Jake) #930

Monday Morning YoYo

(G2 Jake) #931

Content changes inbound. Lmk your thoughts

(G2 Jake) #932

I learned a new trick. If you do too, you might get a dope swag bag.

(G2 Jake) #933

New blog post today too crazy


(G2 Jake) #934

Goood Morning - Secret Santa info for those interested!

(G2 Jake) #935

Big week for us!

(G2 Jake) #936

Explosisions happened.

(G2 Jake) #937

Normal day Yo-yos, kid, work, kid, yo-yos.

(Jacob Waugh) #938

Is this where you wanted us to post?

(G2 Jake) #939

Yeah lol thanks!

(Jacob Waugh) #940

Anytime. : D


It’s interesting how this topic basically goes from 2012 to 2015 and then kinda just… peters out. Basically anything newer than the G2 Marvel is barely covered in this topic, at least in terms of absolute post count :rofl:

I went through and fixed as many images as I could from the first post to the last. There were a handful that just don’t come across for whatever reason but many do. Lots of eye candy here, jump to the top and leisurely scroll down…

Given how dominant the new G2 models are (Banshee, Wolf, Pelican, Warthog, etc – I’d say G2 design got a lot stronger as it went on) I wasn’t as familiar with the retired models, so you too might enjoy “old” G2 history in the first ~900 posts of this topic! Give it a :eyes:


Funny how the earliest posts are people saying the albatross (56mm diameter) is too big for them lol. My how times have changed. Right around the video with Jake and Brett

(G2 Jake) #943

Big reason is I went to direct sales only for the most part and wasn’t offering content that wasn’t directly related to letting ppl know where to get my stuff.

(G2 Jake) #944

Monday Morning YoYo - check out these Hawks